RECOVERY RARE BIRD SALE / June 2021 (Motormatic)
RECOVERY RARE BIRD SALE / June 2021 (Motormatic)

RECOVERY RARE BIRD SALE / June 2021 (Motormatic)

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Once a month we will offer up ready-to-ship, old-stock, one-offs, samples, limited-edition, and prototypes. This device is ready to ship. You'll have to act fast because once it's gone it's gone for good!

MOTORMATIC V1 (only 1 available)

(Bit Crushing Ring Modulator)

The Motormatic is a eurorack module centered around lo-fi bit crushing and ring modulation, bringing the edgy textures of the classic pedal into the modular synth environment. Each of the two ring modulator channels includes an internal variable-frequency carrier, controllable via external CV; sensitivity switches allow for various degrees of influence between the sound source to the carrier frequency itself. The end effect is a two-channel device capable of traditional ring modulation, pseudo bitcrushing, and a sonic edge warmly welcome in a world of modules geared toward the pleasant and beautiful.


  • Two-channel bitcrushing and ring modulation effects for Eurorack synthesizer
  • Two ring mod channels with carrier frequency controllable via dedicated knob and CV
  • Input sensitivity controls for modifying relationship between input sound and carrier frequency
  • Hand-wired in Seattle, Washington