RECOVERY RARE BIRD SALE / June 2021 (Oscilloscape)
RECOVERY RARE BIRD SALE / June 2021 (Oscilloscape)

RECOVERY RARE BIRD SALE / June 2021 (Oscilloscape)

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Once a month we will offer up ready-to-ship, old-stock, one-offs, samples, limited-edition, and prototypes. This device is ready to ship. You'll have to act fast because once it's gone it's gone for good!

Oscilloscape (only 1 available):

Oscilloscape is a bass and percussion voice from Recovery Effects, bringing classic analog synth sounds to Eurorack systems in a surprisingly compact 8hp. The concept is simple: Oscilloscape a sine-based voice with a built-in attack envelope with variable contour and frequency. Just add gates and 1V/Oct pitch CV and Oscilloscape becomes an excellent source of analog kicks and toms, TB-303-style basslines, and more. Thumpy, punchy, and outright powerful, the Oscilloscape is a no-nonsense voice for deep basses, plucky percussion, and more.


  • Bass and percussion voice for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • Sine-based voice excellent for tom-like percussion and thumpy basslines
  • Dedicated controls for Fundamental frequency and contour
  • 1V/Oct Fundamental input
  • Hand-wired in Seattle, WA