Limited Edition Gallows In The Morning

Inspired by our fellow Northwest friends, The High Gain podcast and Thunder Road Guitars, each celebrating anniversary’s we chose forest green enclosures to house 15 limited edition Gallows In The Morning pedals.

If you haven’t checked out The High Gain podcast yet, we suggest you do. Every episode is packed with interesting facts about guitars and their makers, as well as humorous conversation about pedals and beverages. You can’t go wrong with that! 

Thunder Road Guitars is located in beautiful West Seattle. If you’re not from around here you’d probably think that would be an easy commute from North Seattle, but not so much these days. The main bridge to that side of town was shut down last March due to large cracks in the infrastructure. The scenic drive was more than worth it. Thunder Road Guitars is what guitar store dreams are made of! All of their guitars and amps are available to view online...not that we’ve been looking!

About the pedal...

Gallows in the Morning combines two of our favorite things: gritty overdrive and haunting reverb. Switch between Bold and Brazen to go from shimmering, melancholic tones to monster distortion and foreboding reverberation. The simple controls allow you to easily dial in all the levels to suit your mood.

The clean, independent reverb control is one of the most distinctive features of this pedal. Even with distortion, the reverb is pristine in the mix, adding clarity to heavily distorted and reverberated signals. Using the reverb at 100% makes this pedal ideal for creative studio mixing.

The limited-edition Gallows In The Morning pedals are available directly through The High Gain podcast and Thunder Road Guitars.

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