Recovery Effects is a small, well-oiled machine. We are committed to creating unique devices that stand apart from the norm. All of our products are hand-wired at our workshop in Seattle, Washington. True bypass, chrome-plated LED'S, lead-free solder, and USA parts are used whenever possible. Our devices are designed by Graig Markel. Each unit passes through his hands before it is shipped, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality, tested device that will stand the test of time.


Graig Markel
( owner | operator | designer | builder )
Along with developing and manufacturing devices for Recovery Effects, Graig also operates a recording studio called the Recovery Room located in the Greenwood district of Seattle. Want to record with him, or have him mix or master your project? Check out his studio website, Recovery Room. His current music projects are: the Animals at NightDead Ship Sailing, as well as his solo work.


Zera Marvel, with shop-dog, Stella
( web design | shop help | product development | marketing )
Zera's current music projects are: Dead Ship Sailing, as well as solo work.


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Thank you for supporting our small business. It means a lot to us!