Q: How long till my pedal ships?

A: We strive to get orders out the door within 7-14 business days. Please allow for a few additional days during sales, holidays, or new product releases. We are a small company and all of our devices are wired by hand, so we truly appreciate your patience.

Q: Why can't you ship my pedal immediately?

A: If you need something expedited, please contact us and let us know. We are more than happy to work within your time constraints if we can! Another option is to order from one of our dealers. If they've got what you're looking for in-stock, they can probably ship it out immediately!

Q: How do I register my Recovery Effects product so I qualify for future repairs?

A: Fill out this registration form within 30 days of purchase.

Q: What do you charge for shipping?

A: US orders ship for free.

Canada = $15

Rest of World = $25

Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: All sales are final through this site. For more info, please see the Returns and Repairs page.

Q: I want to try one of your pedals before I buy it?

A: You can rent one here and take it for a test drive: The Sound Parcel

Q: I need a repair. How does that work?

A: Please see our Repairs and Returns page.

Q: Can I come over and check out the pedals in person?

A: If you are in the Seattle area, please check your local stores to see if they have what interests you in stock. If they do not and you have time constraints, contact us and we can possibly work something out. 

Q: Can you make me a custom pedal?

A: On occasion, and if time permits, we will consider making something custom.

Q: Can I book time to record with Graig at the Recovery Room Studio in Seattle?

A: Yes! Contact us for availability. You can find more info about the studio here.


The Recovery Room Studio, Seattle, WA.

Recovery Effects headquarters, Seattle, WA.