PEARL (Heavy Low-End Vintage Fuzz Pedal)

The Pearl sinks its teeth into the low end and doesn’t let go. Its modified vintage circuit delivers heavy bass fuzz tone with versatile controls to work with your music. This pedal was created for bass, but you can also plug your guitar into it to make your low-end dreams come true!

At the heart of the pedal is an all-analog silicon design that sounds great with any pickup type. We use hand-picked, new-old-stock “oil can” BC109 transistors that add a classic, vintage tone to this modern fuzz. The user interface includes a range of controls including intensity, tonality, compression, output level, and a high/low switch that affects the amount of bottom end. The Pearl is a compact, simple to use, player-friendly pedal with a monster, low-end tone. In short, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Hand-made in Seattle, WA. The Pearl operates on a standard “Boss” style 9vdc power supply, but can also run at 18vdc for additional headroom. True bypass switching. Includes a limited lifetime warranty.
And for those of you interested in where the name of the pedal came from, read on...

This is Pearl. She’s not just a cute cat. She’s a badass! Pearl has a neurological disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. She can’t walk and has epilepsy. She doesn’t meow or purr. She growls and hisses and roars. At just under eight pounds, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She demands to be brought outside to watch birds every day. She careens around the house in her homemade wheelchair, like a monster truck driver. She bites to kill. She wasn’t expected to live past her first birthday, but she’s thriving at nearly seven years old. We love her. And, she inspired our latest pedal. Pearl; an unhinged, vicious fuzz.

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