Open Call To Apply For Artist Pricing

OPEN CALL TO APPLY FOR ARTIST PRICING: Why are we offering artist pricing to anyone who wants to apply? Because we are artists, too. We've played music together for 20+ years. We've toured around the country in dilapidated, old vans, with barely enough gas money to get us from show to show. We've slept on dirty floors, old couches, and at dark rest stops. Why are we offering wholesale pricing to artists? Because there's never been a better time to create music and support those making it. We're looking forward to the day when we can think back on this and find strength for having made it through such turbulent times. Thank you for supporting our small business.

xo Graig and Zera

* If we accept your application you will receive a discount code that will get you wholesale pricing (30% off list price) on effects pedals and modular devices. Offer to apply ends: May 31, 2020.



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