Pedal Wall Shelves

We recently updated our recording studio and added an effects pedal wall. We used IKEA Mosslanda picture ledge shelves, which are the perfect depth for most effects. This is a great way to organize and display your pedals! Find similar shelves here. We hung gold velvet curtains in front of the shelves to help protect them from dust!


Guitar effects pedal wall storage

Above: with the curtains open.

Guitar effects pedal wall storage with curtains

Above: with the curtains closed.

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  • Hi there,

    I found your pic of your pedal shelf online and I wonder if those 3 screw holes the shelves come with are enough to fully support the weight of a fully packed board? What are your experiences?
    I have bought the very same Ikea Mosslanda shelves. Could get some extra L-shaped brackets maybe but would want to avoid it if only possible.

    Thanks a lot, cheers from Berlin/Germany, Toni

    Toni Harrison

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